Founded in 2005 by Brian Wachs, Elegant Woodworking Gifts creates elegant, custom-made wooden products using the highest quality products while keeping the local community intact.  We also do our best to make a positive impact on the world around us.

To appreciate the beauty, intricacy, and character of each piece pays homage to our natural world and reduces the culture of a mass-produced, disposable, and irresponsible mentality.

Producing the highest quality products while keeping the local community intact is important to us, so we buy local products and services whenever possible.



Brian Wachs is a local artist who works as a natural resources teacher in his spare time.  Much of the inspiration for his work stems from his love of the outdoors and results in both a technical understanding of detailed species, characteristics, and science of his products balanced with an immense reverence for the beauty and mystery of nature.  Look for the fine details and nuances to appreciate the imperfections and inconsistencies that make natural products so wonderful and unique.  Enjoy these products and please take the opportunity to learn about your new and useful work of art. 


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