Lighted Display Base With Battery Powered LED Light

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Lighted Base in Juniper

These LED lighted display bases were originally designed to showcase glass memorials.  They provide beautiful and elegant uplighting to your most treasured possessions and give them the place of honor that they deserve.  Especially effective for transparent or semi-transparent objects,  the beautiful and unique bases are subtle and elegant while drawing everyone’s eyes to their charge.  The Lighted Display Bases measure approximately 5 1/2 inches square and 1 3/4 inches tall.  They have an optically perfect plexiglass display platform that measures 2 1/8 inch diameter.  This display platform can be made larger upon request.  The single, white LED lights are replaceable twist on/off Brinkmann Go LED Waterproof Lights with approximately 170 hours of continuous run time.  These lights must be removed to turn them on or off.

These come in several wood varieties including Western Juniper, Elm, and various others.

Price $99.00 Buy now at my Etsy Shop!
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Personalize it with laser engraving!  These are engravable, too  Add a name or design.  Add $5 for one line, $10 for 2 lines, or $10 for a graphic.

lighted wood base, lighted wooden base, wood display base, wooden display base

Lighted Base in Juniper

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