Pens and Pencils

Elegant, custom-built, handmade pens and pencils come in a variety of types including Rollerball, Click Pen, Mechanical Pencil, and Fountain Pen. Please use the drop-down list in the Pens and Pencils menu above to see all products I offer.

Wood types range from native to the High Desert Sagebrush, Juniper, Mountain Mahogany, and Black Cottonwood to American species such as Walnut, Hickory, Maple, Elm, Aromatic Cedar and Oak. Even exotic species such as Ebony, Paduk, Zebrawood, Purpleheart, European Plum, and Russian Olive are available. Choose your favorite!

Enjoy the unique experience of writing with a fine instrument made from beautiful local woods in an environmentally sustainable manner. These products are made locally and to exacting specifications using only the finest materials.

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