Baron Fountain Pen

These are amazing fountain pens! The Baron Fountain Pen feels solid in your hand, has an iridium-tipped nib, and has all metal components. The sophisticated flat-topped profile and understated Chrome and Black band style makes it both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to use. Additional nibs in large, medium, and fine tips are also available

You will be amazed at the number of people who stop what they are doing to admire the beauty of this writing instrument. Something so simple and mundane as signing your name on a receipt turns into the most interesting thing in the room when you use this pen. You will love the admiration and exceptional notice you receive when you use the classical beauty and wonderful function of a fountain pen. Metal finish is available in Chrome with black accent. Pick any wood variety to suit your taste; remember that every single piece of wood is different and every pen is hand made so that yours is truly unique and no one else has one like yours. These pens come with black ink and use Waterman™ or Manuscript™ refills.

1. A beautiful fountain pen.
2. An ink cartridge.
3. An ink pump so you can use any color ink available.

Price $75.00 Buy now at my Etsy Shop!
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