Custom Built Bent Wood Wedding Bands

Wooden Wedding Bands are the perfect choice of wedding band for those who cannot wear metal bands such as electricians, craftsmen, and those with metal allergies.

These are bend wood wedding bands custom built for you. They are very strong wedding bands and durable wedding bands; as many layers of laminated wood, they have the same characteristics as construction beams, but in a wedding band. The result is amazing strength and durability. Additionally, these wedding bands are finished with the same epoxy we use in boat and airplane construction. Impervious to water and chemically inert, there is no worry about hand washing or any other daily activity that might affect wedding bands.

Wooden wedding bands are warm, durable, and safer than traditional band choices. Get yours today and stand out with this unique, stylish, and ecologically responsible choice.

Price:  $100

Beautiful boxes are available for your new wedding band also.  Price varies, but start at $20 with ring purchase.

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